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What our clients think about us
As we are always eager to improve the service we provide to our clients, in July 2010 we employed an independent research company, Lucy Durban Limited, to undertake a telephone interview and client satisfaction survey.

89% of clients interviewed would recommend RMCA and many were even willing to provide a testimonial for public display.

The research also asked clients to suggest any improvements we could make to our service and these suggestions are being implemented.

When asked to comment on the overall service these are just some of the comments made:

"Very positive, very friendly, they seem genuinely interested in helping and I regard them very very highly." Paul Mullins

"I like the people very much. Their knowledge is very good which gives me confidence in them and the speed of service is good." Jonathan Mortimer, Mortimers (Aylesbury) Limited

"I like their professionalism best. I always have the feeling they are easily able to answer our questions and are a very capable team and I have confidence in them." John Challis, Concept Searching Limited

"You are made to feel important, there is always someone there to talk to and they talk my language and don't waffle." Caroline Edwards, Hertfordshire Horologists Limited

"They are always available and I feel comfortable my financial affairs are looked after in a professional way." George Harvey, Amaze Associates Limited

"They have a sense of urgency, anything I ask is just turned around." Claire Alderton, Aldbury Clinical Limited